The Exciting Career of Brett Donowho

If you haven’t heard the name Brett Donowho yet, be prepared to be impressed. Brett Donowho has produced, starred in, and directed countless productions throughout his two decades in Hollywood. He has worked with numerous film legends and even has a few companies of his own, including Runaway Planet Content Group and Tri-Fold Pictures.

Who He’s Worked With

Brett Donowho has worked with many notable Hollywood names. While directing Acts of Violence [see trailer] , Brett worked with Bruce Willis, Sophia Bush, Cole Hauser, and Shawn Ashmore. On the set of Music Within [see trailer] Donowho worked with Michael Sheen, Melissa George, and Ron Livingston. This is just scratching the surface of the impressive collaborations Brett Donowho has participated in.


Award-Winning Films ​

Brett Donowho is the recipient of many awards throughout his career. His work has been recognized by notable organizations for its excellence. His work for Salvation won him 4 awards at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival including:

  • Best Narrative Feature
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Director
  • Best Special Effects Makeup

As of 2018, Donowho is working on a new production company, Runaway Planet Content Group. Partnered with two other Hollywood businessmen, Donowho is working towards producing various groundbreaking films.

While Runaway Planet is still a new production company, the full slate of upcoming projects is yet unknown. However, Deadline has officially announced that Runaway Planet plans to debut with feature film Operation Husky, a WW2 spy-thriller about the true story of the Italian Mafia’s involvement in the wildly successful invasion of Sicily, with Brett Donowho helming as both director and producer. The superstar cast is still only rumored, with more details sure to emerge any day now.